Don’t be caught with your pants down on St. Patties! A Underwear Repair Club member sent in his Fruit of the Loom, circa 2016, which had a hole in the butt plate. Mens sized Fruit of the Loom underwear is known for bullseye blowouts. Thankfully we had a sister set of reclaimed underwear we could use for this patch job (coloured green no less!) With high spirit we dived right in!

Step 1: Assess damage and find a mate

It’s a hole. In the butt plate. Approximately 2.75 inches due north from the all seeing one eye Sauron.

Comparing the reclaimed underwear to be used for the Shamrock patch for the hole in the damaged underwear buttplate

Fruit of the Loom mens’ briefs.

Step 2: Prepare the Shamrock patch

It’s simple really. Cut along a thigh zone, fold over, draw 3 curvy shapes, similar to testicles, and cut. Viola! A shamrock shape!

Remove thigh zone from reclaimed Fruit of the loom underwear. Fold thigh zone, draw 3 testicle shapes, cut to reveal a shamrock shape

Step 3: Sew it on!

Save the reclaimed underwear from before for future repairs. Sew on Shamrock patch! Now get your March 17th on!

sewed on shamrock patch over hole in underwear butt plate

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