A Gold Member of the Underwear Repair Club sent us their beloved Jordache men’s black briefs. They had owned them since 1999. As you can see they have extensive damage in the buttocks and thigh regions. The waistband had lost all its elasticity and no longer was tight on the waist. As part of our commitment to our club member, we tackled this challenge with gusto.

jordache underwear with shredded buttocks and thigh areas and a loose waistband

When showcasing repair work for case studies, all Underwear Repair Club Repair Associates wear protective Fruit of the Loom underwear under the end-of-life underwear.

How we repaired these Jordache underwear

As you can see, the buttocks were completely worn away from years of use. The thighs were also worn, possibly from running. The waistband was reported to be originally 34 inches, but over 18 plus years, had stretched to 41 inches in circumference.

jordache repair before underwear repair club

Preparing the Reclaimed Underwear

Because the Jordache’s waistband was stretched beyond repair, we surgically removed a waistband from a 6 year old Fruit of the Loom reclaimed underwear.

underwear repair club reclaimed underwear from brantford ontario

Replacing the waistband

Once the reclaimed underwear waistband had been removed, it was simply a matter of attaching it to the Jordache’s. To accomplish this, a foam board was used to tack the underwear to the waistband. This ensured the underwear was attached when the waistband was at maximum stretch, allowing the underwear to relax naturally when the waistband returned to its normal state.

refurbished underwear waistband tacked onto foam board

Then it was just a matter of sewing the waistband on to the underwear.

sewing the reclaimed underwear waistband onto the jordache underwear

Tackling the Butt Plate

After 18 years of sitting, running, and living, the fabric along the Butt Plate was shredded severely. At Underwear Repair Club, we pride ourselves on re-using all parts of the underwear, but in this case, the butt was a lost cause.

Understanding what happened to the last Butt Plate, we re-used the Jordache waistband as reinforcement seams along the butt, similar to how a jock strap works. This allowed us to excise the shredded Butt Plate, while strengthening the underwear for another 18 years of wear.

On the left is the removed Butt Plate. The right is the before and after shots of the butt.

Repairing the Thigh Zones

With the Butt Plate in place, we next took aim at the thighs. This was the easiest of tasks. Using the remainder of the reclaimed underwear, we replaced the right and left thighs. We matched the original seams as closely as possible. There was some minor patchwork on the inner thighs.

replacing the thigh zones with reclaimed underwear

Final shot of the front thigh zones.

underwear repair club repaired underwear

Return to the Butt Plate

If you’ve been following along so far, you may have noticed we left out a key component for proper underwear. Our repaired underwear is missing the Butt Plate. At Underwear Repair Club, we take the butt very seriously. Given the damage we witnessed on the previous Butt Plate, we added an Underwear Repair Club enhancement.

Interchangeable Replacement Butt Plate

Using Velcro, we added 5 tabs of attachment to the inside of the reclaimed Jordache waistband. From there, we cut out a Butt Plate sized section from the original reclaimed Fruit of the Loom underwear. For the fun of it, we also included a second Butt Plate from an earlier underwear prototype (see striped Butt Plate).

attaching velcro to jordache underwear butt seams, so as to attach different reclaimed butt plates

Final Verdict

Our Underwear Repair Club member was over the moon. View the final repair shots below.

after shot of underwear repair club major repair with interchangeable butt plate


Video Tutorial

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