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We need your underwear. Due to our high volume demand for refurbished underwear and reclaimed underwear for underwear repairs, we are always in need of underwear. Donate your underwear today.

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At Underwear Repair Club there are three tiers of repairs: Regular, Silver, and Gold. Explore our case studies:

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"I wasn't ready to say goodbye"

"During high school, my grandma gave me a Jordache black medium mens briefs. I wore them everyday. I was wearing them when I met my first girlfriend, when I lost my virginity, and during my first divorce. My underwear and I were tight. But it's been 18 years now, and those tight black briefs aren't so tight anymore. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my underwear. So I contacted Underwear Repair Club and they saved my underwear. In fact, I think they saved me."