Regular Members of the Underwear Repair Club generally submit underwear for basic repairs. These could include patch jobs, seam tightening, or waistband repairs. Extensive damage like Butt Plate shredding often occurs through intensive years of use. See our Gold Member Repairs. Explore our Regular Member Underwear Repair Club repairs:

Patches using Reclaimed Underwear

hole in underwear near waistband

For this particular job, we used reclaimed underwear saved from a Gold Member Repair. The reclaimed underwear was a 6 year old Brantford, Ontario, Canada Fruit of the Loom.

using reclaimed underwear to patch up a hole in another pair of underwear

patched up underwear using reclaimed underwear

Due to the location of this hole, if it wasn’t for the reclaimed underwear repair, this Fruit of the Loom men’s brief probably only had another year of active duty.

Seam Strengthening

Fruit of the Loom underwear is known for their front seam breaks. These types of breaks are often due to the action of putting the underwear on and off, causing pulls along the front thigh zone seams. This problem is often exacerbated by long toenails.

thing zone repair of fruit of the loom mens briefs

Whenever possible on Regular Repairs, our Underwear Repair Club Repair Associates attempt to repair without sourcing reclaimed underwear. This particular job has ensured at least 3 more years of underwear wear.

Waistband Repairs

Often one of the first last things to go on a pair of underwear is the waistband. In this case, due to Jves Martin’s cotton style waistband, a tear appeared at the seam before any other damage surfaced. It was a simple matter of re-tightening the seam. We expect an additional 5 years of use of these Jves Martin boxer briefs.

repaired waistband on jves martin boxer briefs

Additional Repairs:

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